Ergon Summer Collection @ Guitar Summit 2018

Check out the video to have a preview of the Ergon Summer Collection for 2018:

Lx Narazé – Inspired by the giant waves that crash on the shores of Nazaré, in Portugal.

BT MW – A custom order influenced by the mythical ’59 sunburst.

Coimbra MK  – A “Lord of the Rings” themed, thin-body Coimbra design

Porto Douro – An over-sized hollow body, with a design inspired by the shape of a windshield crack and the winding turns of the Douro river.

You can have the chance to see and listen to these instruments at this year’s Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. We will be exhibiting from September 7th to 9th, in the Rosengarten. Click here for more information on the show’s program.

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