Adriano Sérgio

My interest in the technical side of guitars was sparked when I grew increasingly unsatisfied with my life as a bass player. After spending most of the 1990’s accompanying other artists and being involved in original projects, by the end of the decade I gradually began fixing instruments more rather than playing them.

The life on the road as an international guitar technician since then brought me in close contact with many of the classic models we all know, as well as the real needs of the working and touring musician. By 2005, this gathered experience was materialized in Guitar Rehab Lisbon, the musical instrument repair, restoration and construction workshop where Ergon guitars are designed and crafted. 

After all this years, I moved to Algarve, Portugal and I have my new workshop in Loulé and Guitar Rehab is now in Loulé and Figueira da Foz as well.

The impetus to begin building guitars was sparked by the requests of close clients, who were searching for an instrument that embodied their preferences of tone and comfort of use. 

I tend to use reclaimed wood and natural materials, like glue, wax, oils…!

I believe the combination of all of my professional experience with a lifelong interest in art, design and music are inevitably reflected in the aesthetical aspect and ergonomic touch of Ergon guitars. The instruments are made to be a beautiful extension of the musicians body, as to grant a more fluid channel through which expression can be manifested.

After all, I felt a passion for crafting since I remember seeing my father working with wood and metal as a hobby. When I was 5 or 6 years old, he gave me a set of woodworking tools, two of which still help me when I am creating the next instrument.


I hope that one day you might try one out, and tell me what you think and feel.


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