Holy Couch Guitar Show – May 2 & 3 2020

Did you have plans to travel to the Estrel Berlin for the Grand Finale of The Holy Grail Guitar Show next weekend? Were you looking forward to meeting the makers and try out their new guitars, hang out and enjoy the community, the players, the music?

Well, unfortunately our Show is just one of many events that had to be cancelled due to the restrictions to keep everyone safe. We are all terribly disappointed; we were also looking forward to seeing you there and share our latest builds with you.

But here’s the thing – we don’t want to let this coming weekend pass by, empty and unnoticed. We wanted to do something – if we can’t have a physical show, at least we can try and have a virtual one! So we have wholeheartedly thrown our energy and focus onto the virtual world and cordially invite you to

On the original Show weekend, May 2 & 3, The Holy Grail Guitar Show website will be turned into a gateway to participating exhibitors’ online activities. See the guitars you would have seen in Berlin, visit workshops, connect with your favorite builder in a personal chat. Check out the Program page of our website or our official social media outlets to follow the posts made by luthiers from all over the globe.

And, perhaps you might even find that personal ‘Holy Grail’, THE instrument you have been searching for. At The Holy Couch Guitar Show you will have the opportunity to buy directly from the builder. Some might even offer a special discount! In addition, any purchase you make will support a small luthier business, many of which are facing steep economic challenges due to the shut downs.

So come and join us for a fun weekend, get comfy on your couch! Explore and experience all those new guitars and the amazing luthiers up close, in living color! We look forward to seeing you there!
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RED Collection @ NAMM 2020

Ergon Guitars will be present at the Winter NAMM 2020 show between January 16th and 19th, in Anaheim, California.

These guitars will be displayed at booth 4606 as part of the RED Collection, presented by the Project of Three. This project is a joint-venture between the luthiers Adriano Sérgio of Ergon Guitars, Michael Spalt of Spalt Instruments and Ulrich Teuffel of Teuffel Guitars.

You can also see the details for the instruments in the following links:

Amarante de Souza-Cardoso II
Porto DOC
Sagres LV

“Stringed Art” – Ergon Guitars & Spalt Instruments @ Guitar Summit 2019

Fellow luthiers and close friends Adriano Sérgio and Michael Spalt have joined to bring you a stimulating display of playable art at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim (September 27th to 29th).

Michael and Adriano both draw an arc from the musical instrument in its best form to art pieces infused with very different approaches. Michael, who is well known for his collage-art guitar tops will re-introduce several models of his TOTEM-X.2 series as a special highlight. Adriano, whose instruments are hand-carved with loving and meticulous detail will show his Lisboa RSP, an hommage to Rolf Spuler, the Coimbra JL and a just finished piece influenced by cubism.

Visit their booth on the 1st floor, Musensaal, booth # 259 and try one (or more) of their unique and outstanding instruments.

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Ergon Guitars @ NAMM 2019 – Boutique Guitar Showcase

The 2019 edition of NAMM is here, and with it a new Boutique Guitar Showcase.

43 unique instrument makers will share this especial exhibition, and we are honoured to be in such great and inspiring company.

Come joins us at booth #4305, where you can see and listen to this year’s collection –  LX Nazaré, Lisboa BP, Porto MS and Porto Douro.

Ergon Guitars featured on Premier Guitar

“When you sit down to talk with many guitar luthiers, the story of how they got into building is often uncannily similar: They fell in love with the sounds of some famous guitar god during their teen years and started playing not too long after that. Eventually they took their first foray into DIY by modding their own instrument, followed by a stab at replicating, say, a Tele, a Les Paul, or maybe some sort of “super strat.” The more they played and tweaked, the more they loved it all, but at some point it hit them that they were either better at (or more likely to make a living via) the wood-and-wires side of things than the playing side.

Of course, there’s nothing weird or wrong with any of that. How else would you expect someone to get into it? But when Premier Guitar met Adriano Sergio at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin last spring, we were immediately struck not just by the uniqueness of his guitars and his approach to lutherie, but also by the adventurous life he led prior to devoting himself to the craft full-time in 2016.”


I would like to show my appreciation for everyone who supported and encouraged me to believe in the path I am walking.

Special thanks to GuitarRehab Lisbon ‘s team, Shawn Hammond from Premier Guitar for the interview, and Rodrigo Sérgio , Pau Storch Photography and Sara Falcão for the photos. I would like to also thank The Holy Grail Guitar Show / HGGS The European Guitar Builders e. V. for the work they are doing to raise the bar in the guitar world.

The Ergon Lx-Nazaré, featured on the cover, will be displayed at the Boutique Guitar Showcase in the NAMM Show, from January 24th to 27th. The interview will feature on Premier Guitar’s Febuary issue. In the meanwhile, you can read the full interview here.

Art Fair Tokyo 2019 – “Guitars – 9 Different Tones You’ve Never Seen”

Ergon Guitars is proud to be part of a first in the history of Art Fair Tokyo. In collaboration with Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars and atelier REZIKA, the 2019 edition of the show will have a select group of luthiers from around the world exhibiting one of their’s latest art piece

Titled “Guitars – 9 Different Tones You’ve Never Seen”,  the show will take place March 7th to 10th, and the instrument will be displayed alongside the artwork of artists belonging to the the gallery “Gallery Side 2”. The instrument will also have a showing at the finest music store in Tokyo, Yamano-Music Ginza.

Learn more about the luthiers and the ehxibition here.

NAMM Show 2019 – 24th to 27th January 2019

The NAMM Show 2019 is approuching, and Ergon Guitars will have the pleasure of being part of it’s “Boutique Guitar Showcase”. Consisting of a select group of invited luthiers, the showcase will present some of the finest instruments of the boutique guitar world.

The show will take place between January 24th and 27th in Anaheim, California (USA). More details regarding the exhibition inside the Anaheim Convention Center to follow.

Ergon Summer Collection @ Guitar Summit 2018

Check out the video to have a preview of the Ergon Summer Collection for 2018:

Lx Narazé – Inspired by the giant waves that crash on the shores of Nazaré, in Portugal.

BT MW – A custom order influenced by the mythical ’59 sunburst.

Coimbra MK  – A “Lord of the Rings” themed, thin-body Coimbra design

Porto Douro – An over-sized hollow body, with a design inspired by the shape of a windshield crack and the winding turns of the Douro river.

You can have the chance to see and listen to these instruments at this year’s Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. We will be exhibiting from September 7th to 9th, in the Rosengarten. Click here for more information on the show’s program.

Ergon Guitars @ Guitar Summit 2018

Ergon Guitars will have the pleasure of being part of Guitar Summit 2018 in Mannheim’s Rosegarten this coming weekend.

From September 7th to 9th you can come by our spot in the exhibition and see the four instrument with brought with us to the show – Coimbra MKLx Narazé, Porto Douro and BT MW.

Enjoy the chance to look and listen to them in person!