A Luthier’s Tale

Video by Gennaro Serra Di Cassano.

Interview of Adriano kindly provided by Pierre Journel of The Guitar Channel.

Ergon Guitars would like to thank Andy Manson, Seth Baccus, Michael Spalt and Juha Ruokangas for their participation; as well as the European Guitar Builders Association, the Holy Grail Guitar Show staff and volunteers and the rest of the community.

We would also like to thank BMW Portugal for their generous sponsorship.

Video – See and Hear the Ergon Lisboa Design

Hear one of the latest Ergon designs in the video above, the semi-hollow Lisboa.

This guitar will be on our stand at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015, in Berlin.

Music by Mário Delgado
Video by Gennaro Serra Di Cassano
Audio provided by João Só

Video – See and Hear the Ergon BT Design

Hit play to hear how the Ergon BT Design sounds like in the hands of a guitarist.

You can also have the opportunity to try it for yourself at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015, in Berlin.

Music by Ricardo Barriga, using D’Addario NYXL Strings.
Video by Gennaro Serra Di Cassano.
Audio by João Mendes


Ergon will exhibit at Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015



Ergon Guitars is proud to be at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015 in Berlin.

A stunning selection of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, archtops, classical guitars and basses, from the most avant-garde to the traditional, will be exhibited here in one location by the luthiers who created them. This will be the place where you can meet the makers and see and experience firsthand the extraordinary work being done today in the field of lutherie, ask questions and learn about the latest developments in the field. Some of the builders present hold almost legendary status and exciting new discoveries await the visitor as well.



For more details, please visit Holy Grail Guitar Show Site at

Video Interview on

Trey Xavier of filmed a short interview about Ergon Guitars‘ latest design, the BT.

Check out the video!