“Stringed Art” – Ergon Guitars & Spalt Instruments @ Guitar Summit 2019

Fellow luthiers and close friends Adriano Sérgio and Michael Spalt have joined to bring you a stimulating display of playable art at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim (September 27th to 29th).

Michael and Adriano both draw an arc from the musical instrument in its best form to art pieces infused with very different approaches. Michael, who is well known for his collage-art guitar tops will re-introduce several models of his TOTEM-X.2 series as a special highlight. Adriano, whose instruments are hand-carved with loving and meticulous detail will show his Lisboa RSP, an hommage to Rolf Spuler, the Coimbra JL and a just finished piece influenced by cubism.

Visit their booth on the 1st floor, Musensaal, booth # 259 and try one (or more) of their unique and outstanding instruments.

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